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At the same time, the open law movement is slowly flourishing: just think of CanLII`s recent growth. It can`t do everything commercial legal databases can do, but its improvements in functionality and content exceed expectations. Even though I teach CanLII one after the other, I have to catch up on new content and feature updates. Press releases with lawyers as sources Professional news, advice, fashion and opinions on legal topics When it comes to the emerging Canadian legal industry, you can`t afford to take risks. Choosing the wrong marketing strategy or targeting the wrong leads can easily lead to missed offers, missed opportunities, or a ruined reputation. So how do you make sure your marketing strategy works? It`s about who to target. And that`s what our database of Canadian lawyer emails offers: a way for you to focus on your most valuable leads and avoid tedious sales efforts. At bookyourdata, we`ve put together an incredible list of contacts from across Canada, including key decision makers from law firms and corporations. You get instant access to names, company details, job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. With this mailing list of Canadian lawyers, you can get in touch with the best lawyers in order to build strong relationships and close more deals. Use this database of lawyers` emails to reach partners and other decision-makers in law firms, courts and government agencies. Some academics prefer to send their scientific results to non-commercial repositories.

LawArXiv is a new non-profit open legal scholarship repository. This site is worth bookmarking, although it hasn`t built much Canadian content at this point. To find the books and journals you need, browse the library catalog or select the Search for articles or books tabs. Would you like to consult judgments, decisions, magazine articles, newspapers, UN government documents, international treaties or obtain statistics? Click Databases to learn more. Click More Legal Resources to find the Internet addresses of publishers and legal associations. Visit the Brian Dickson Law Library website for information on our hours of operation, services, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments! Step-by-step information on common legal issues Blog post detailing how to use Google Scholar to find U.S. legal and jurisdictional information Many lawyers have a great collection of secondary content available at no direct cost. Several jurisdictions (including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario) offer member lawyers access to HeinOnline`s accredited legal journals, often via a remote connection.

The ability to search journal archives, record and rerun searches, and set alerts can support mapping and efficiency of research processes. If you have any further questions or would like to contribute to the database, please contact the Centre for Legal Professions. Our database offers 95% results when you use it for marketing campaigns. That`s because we review and update them weekly and monthly. If you have a hard bounce rate, please contact us and we will send you the data back. Online library of international legal documents, including treaties, jurisprudence, documents, legal publications, research guides and certain scientific writings, as well as training materials in international law The Canadian Law Blog List, also known as, is a comprehensive directory of Canadian legal texts on the Internet. is well organized and sorts blogs by content, jurisdiction, and industry categories. Since lawyers can see which company, lawyer or professor is the owner or author of the blog, we can evaluate different perspectives, even if the content topic is the same.

While we should use blogging with caution, lawyers and academics literally put their reputations at risk when blogging. Finally, many university library systems house general research repositories that may include case law. Lawyers can consult an open access repository to find relevant websites, but note that few Canadian academic filings collect exclusively legal documents. Lawyer Precedent Database Reach key decision makers in your target market with our pre-designed database of Canadian lawyer emails. You get instant access to names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Buy this targeted mailing list of Canadian lawyers, connect with business contacts and enter into agreements with Canadian lawyers and other lawyers. Repositories with legal and business information, search engine filters and search tools. Searchable database with answers to legal questions. Available in 107 languages. Custom Google Search Filter: Search for legal experts on law firm websites, law firm newsletters, press releases, and more. The Professionalism Resources database contains documents donated by reputable law firms and legal organizations.

Documents often include the logo or name of the law firm or organization that donated them. We ask you to give credit if necessary and not to remove the logos. Lexbox is not exclusive to CanLII: it is compatible with the Supreme Court of Canada, federal courts and the Tax Court, as well as legislative sites in Ontario and British Columbia. Interestingly, CanLII recently acquired Lexum, the creator of Lexbox. Lexum occupies a prominent place in Canadian legal information technology: prior to developing the CanLII platform, it developed the Supreme Court of Canada`s decision page and now works with other organizations in Canada and beyond. In addition to document search and visualization tools, Lexum is involved in partnerships and machine learning projects, suggesting there`s even more in store for CanLII. Canadian legal news, analysis and current awareness of lawyers and lawyers Reliable starting points for online legal research. Law firms, not the CBA, govern Canada`s legal profession. They ensure that lawyers meet professional standards and can help answer questions about the conduct of a particular lawyer.

Learn more about the CBA and what it does. Other improvements are beginning to move CanLII beyond a primary source of law. A small collection of e-books and other secondary content links to primary law in CanLII. But one growing company is CanLII Connects, a source of case-related summaries and comments linked from case headers. CanLII Connects itself has led to a new initiative to invite users to report negative treatment of a case by a subsequent case. These characteristics are not exhaustive – in no way does the entire jurisdiction in CanLII have a summary, comment or treatment indicator – although the collection is growing. For legal staff, CanLII Connects offers the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge in a field and at the same time contribute to public legal information. There are a variety of documents (including articles, presentations, slides, articles, comments, videos/webcasts or audio recordings, fact scenarios, and discussion questions). We anticipate that these materials could be used for self-study, personal research, focus groups or as a resource to develop professional programs and activities to meet CPD requirements. For ease of reference, materials have been sorted by category.

Legal dictionary and encyclopedia precedents created by the community and available for free by LII can also be found in the O`Brien`s and Lexis Practical Guidance databases, as well as in many printed sources available for use in the TLA library. We do not sell generic contact information. Instead, we provide access to a database of contacts that has been carefully curated to ensure that all of our Canadian lawyers` email addresses are up-to-date and valid. Lawyers in Canada, also known as lawyers, act as advisors and lawyers to their clients. Our mailing list of Canadian lawyers allows you to communicate directly with these legal professionals, with the primary goal of building stronger business relationships and establishing sales contacts. Our pre-designed database of canadian lawyer emails provides you with the verified contact information you need to call, email or email instantly. Among the first promises of the Internet were the dissemination of useful information and the wide availability of useful professional tools. Lately, we`ve seen much of the internet overwhelmed by less useful information and content filtered through fewer and fewer lenses. Meaning of abbreviations for English-language legal publications When a commercial legal database is required, many lawyers can access Lexis Advance Quicklaw or WestlawNext Canada through law firms or court libraries.