Cake Street Legal

«The Kalk INK SL and its off-road oriented Kalk INK sibling come from the revolutionary Kalk OR platform, which debuted in 2018. The four models in the Kalk range (Kalk OR, Kalk &, Kalk INK and Kalk INK SL) use the same powerful powertrain, battery and robust 6061 aluminium frame/swingarm designed for the performance-oriented Kalk OR and the Kalk & road-approved model. However, the Kalk INK and Kalk INK SL use lift-free rear suspension for simplicity, lightweight motocross front suspension for ruggedness, fenders and body in black injection molded polycarbonate and ABS, as well as a sturdy 19-inch axle for increased durability and less overall maintenance. «What makes SL legal on the road, but not its twin? Well, like the variations between fast food in America and Europe, these are the small differences: turn signals, headlights and rear brake lights, foot brake, license plate holder and LED driving indicator. The Kalk SL`s gearbox is also slightly longer, allowing it to radiate more than 63 miles per hour at full tilt. (However, don`t expect to get the full three hours of driving time if you`ve tied it to that speed.) Manhattan may be covered in concrete and asphalt, but a suspension geared towards off-road driving is underestimated when it comes to dodging potholes, tackling speed thresholds and the strange cobbled street. (With that in mind, the seat could use more commuter-friendly cushioning, especially if drivers plan to move from outside the city limits.) It also has a suspension designed by Ohlins specifically for what`s probably fun to drive, but that contributes to the biggest lime problem and: the price of €14,000 (or €14,000 in the US) is just crazy about what you`re getting. The optional Zero FX with a 7.2kWh battery, offers four times more power and better range for $10,500, and even that`s too rich for many drivers. China`s Sur-Ron makes a 10kW road bike with a larger battery for $3,000, and rumor has it that the company is working on a road version of its evil light bee off-road that could reach or beat lime and energy for Chinese money instead of Sweden.

The Kalk& is now available on as well as at some dealerships. CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight off-road electric motorcycles, today announced that the brand`s first road-approved bike, Kalk&, designed to combine off-road performance with clean, quiet and efficient urban travel, is now being shipped to customers across North America and Europe. In addition to the first deliveries, CAKE will host a media launch in Manhattan starting today with test drives across the city. Recently, Cake released a new version of his bike, which was slightly cheaper and still had good performance. It was called Kalk INK and was only intended for off-road driving. Now the company offers a road-approved version of this bike called Kalk INK SL. It is good for up to three hours of driving on a single charge or about 53 miles of mixed-speed driving. If you blow it up at full speed all the time, you`ll see about 22 miles of range.

To go from 0% battery to 100% full charge, it takes 2.5 hours on a standard outlet. The price? It`s in line with Cake`s other deals, although at $10,500 it`s cheaper than other legal street deals. Like its non-road brother, Kalk Ink SL uses the same 6061 aluminum frame/swingarm combination, battery and powertrain as the Kalk OR and Kalk & models. What sets the Inks apart from the rest is their sturdy body and suspension, which makes them more suitable for trail bashing: a hard but light motocross-style front suspension, a simple suspension without rear lifts, sturdy 19-inch wheels and black plastic fenders and body. This certainly applies to the CAKE Kalk INK SL, the new version of the road-legal motorcycle that was launched today. The Kalk & Cake is such a laughing machine, and it has all the little things needed to make it legal on the street. Designed from the company`s Kalk Gold off-roader, it runs on a 10 kW (13.4 horsepower) engine that produces 42 Nm (31 lb-ft) of torque — enough for a top speed of «over 90 km/h (56 mph)» that won`t allow you to honk your horn on the highway during a short stint. The battery offers a modest 2.6 kWh, but the range is more than enough for everyday tasks in the city or the occasional explosion on a path if you have one nearby.

In addition, there are a few turn signals, headlights, rear brake light, LED indicator, foot brake and a license plate holder. Bicycles are legal for the road in the UK and the US. To make the Kalk SL a little more rideable, Cake adjusted the gear shift on the bike to add a little more top speed. The bike can reach 56 mph. «We are pleased to be able to expand CAKE`s urban presence with the new Kalk INK SL, which combines excellent off-road performance with efficient shuttle qualities. This bike comes from uncompromising lime and super lightweight &, but uses slightly stiffer components, wheels and suspension, which means it`s easy to maintain and easy to use. With the introduction of the Kalk INK SL, we present the fourth model of CAKE bikes homologated for the road in addition to the Kalk & and have recently launched Ösa+ and Ösa Lite on the market. Each of these models combines enthusiasm and responsibility to inspire a shift towards zero emissions, whether in remote or urban environments. The Kalk platform will be expanded with Kalk & (et), a road-approved all-electric motorcycle designed for the Outback and adapted to your daily commute to work.